St. Patrick’s Day- Kids Cook Monday


We love to celebrate any and all holidays around here. An excuse to give a gift, decorate, or make a special meal- and we’re on it! For Kids Cook Monday we decided to start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with some green food. Last year we attempted green smoothies and, while they were delicious, they weren’t, um, green. This year we were determined to have GREEN smoothies. And we got our wish! We also made some cute little shamrock quesadillas to go with our smoothies.


Green Smoothie Ingredients

1 banana
2 kiwis
1 bag frozen peaches
1 container flavored Greek yogurt
about 1/2 cup of Orange Juice
about 3/4 bag of spinach leaves

Brady enjoyed helping me pick out green ingredients for our smoothie at the grocery store. He even chose key lime yogurt because of the green container. He was also excited to try kiwi- which he described as green strawberries with lots of seeds. Sounds about right to me.


We tossed everything in the blender (tasting each item along the way.)


Nolan did the honors of pushing the blender buttons. He’s come a long way from being terrified of it and running away screaming.


Here’s how our smoothie turned out. Super green!!! This batch made enough for me and the boys to each have a very big glass. Nolan finished his and then asked to finish mine. That’s a big deal because he is not an easy kid to get healthy food into.


And because we couldn’t just eat smoothies for dinner, we made some fun cheese quesadillas using Spinach wraps and a shamrock cookie cutter.


These took just a few minutes to cut the shapes out and cook up in a pan.


Helpful hint: these were much easier to cut out when warmed up for about 15 seconds.

We served them with some bright green guacamole and felt super festive!


Not exactly an Irish tradition, but tasty and GREEN!

2     7

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Oh, and because I can’t leave well enough alone, here’s Brady’s lunch for school tomorrow!!!


Turkey spinach wrap, green apple with peanut butter, and cucumbers and hummus. Wonder if he’ll notice the color scheme?

“Not Green” Smoothies- Kids Cook Monday


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I set out to make some green smoothies with Brady today. We love smoothies around here, but I’ve never attempted a green one. They always kind of weirded me out to be honest, but I have been assured that they are super tasty! I had a big bag of spinach in my fridge so I thought, why not give it a try for a little St. Patty’s treat?!

Well…we made our smoothie. It tasted yummy. Brady had fun. BUT, it didn’t turn out green!! What did we do wrong?? I’m guessing we put in too many blueberries, but I assure you, there was tons of spinach in this thing. The good news was that you really cannot taste the spinach in the smoothie. How exciting that you can sneak  in so much veggie goodness into something that tastes like dessert! Thankfully, Brady was not disappointed that his smoothie did not turn out the green color I had promised him. He drank the whole thing and it was a success…but not green.

Here’s how we made our “not green” smoothies.


1 Banana
1 cup ice
1 cup juice (we used orange pineapple)
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup strawberries
1 container of blueberry greek yogurt
Half a bag of fresh spinach leaves

Brady threw all the ingredients in the blender and then had the all important job of pushing the button to blend away!!!

 DSC_0785 DSC_0794   DSC_0799DSC_0796

Even though our smoothies weren’t green, we had plenty St. Patty’s day fun today!

DSC_0763      DSC_0766