Nova Scotia! A week exploring Canada’s Ocean Playground


Last summer, Chris and I were given the opportunity to plan an epic kid-free vacation. My dad and step-mom offered to take our boys for a week where they would go to a Summer Camp and spend some time with their grandparents. We decided to use this week to go on an adventure to someplace new.


After weeks of Pinterest research and Googling fun destinations, we finally decided to book a trip to Nova Scotia. Neither of us had ever even dreamed of going there, and we didn’t know anyone else who had gone, but everything we saw online looked like a dream. My impression from what I gathered online was that it was going to be like Maine, on steroids. And since we had always talked about a New England trip, but wanted something even more unique, we settled upon Nova Scotia- otherwise known as Canada’s Ocean Playground.



We quickly realized that we could easily spend a month exploring all that Nova Scotia has to offer. We had to be choosy and try to fit in as much as possible in our one week. We decided to focus on the capital city of Halifax (and nearby day trips surrounding Halifax) and then a road trip up to Cape Breton to explore the world famous Cabot Trail.


We started our trip by spending two nights in Halifax. We stayed at the Hilton Double Tree Halifax hotel and loved being right in the heart of downtown. We explored Irish pubs and yummy coffee shops. Cabin Coffee was the most adorable/delicious place to start our first day.



Still dreaming of these cinnamon rolls….

20190623_09111420190623_092000On day one we drove 50 minutes from Halifax to Peggy’s Cove. Every blog I read before planning our trip, said Peggy’s Cove was a must see. Yes, it is a very popular tourist attraction, but this small town was everything I hoped it would be. From fresh lobster rolls, to a local bagpiper greeting us with music, it was more quaint and colorful than I could have dreamed up.



Windy, y’all. Pro tip: wear a hat when visiting Peggy’s Cove.


After Peggy’s Cove and all the amazingness, we set out on the hour and 15 minute drive to Lunenburg. The drive itself was gorgeous, but the destination was well worth the trip!



Chris and Karen after a flight of rum samples at IronWorks Distillery-Canadian buzz!


The next day we left for the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton Island. There is much debate online whether you should do the trail clockwise or counterclock wise. We decided to do it clockwise with our first stop being in Cheticamp, NS. Again, even the drive there (about 4 hours) was entertaining and beautiful.


We stayed at Air BnB’s while visiting Cape Breton. Our first one was a log cabin in Cheticamp. Our hosts were so sweet and we had our own private space. They cooked an amazing breakfast for us and filled us in on all sorts of Canadian/Nova Scotia info.


After checking in we set out to explore the Gypsum Mines. This was another spot that I had seen so many gorgeous pictures of on Instagram and knew we needed to check out. It was a fairly easy hike, but I had to conquer a fear of heights to get the best view. In the summer this is a popular swimming hole and in the winter it is often used for ice skating. When we were there (late June), temperatures were in the 40’s and people were swimming!


It happened to be our anniversary, so we decided to splurge for a nice dinner out. The Harbour Restaurant in Cheticamp harbor was the perfect place to celebrate 13 years of marriage.



We still talk about this seafood pasta…


The next day we hit the Cabot Trail. We parked and hiked the Skyline Trail in Cabot Trail HIghlands National park. We took in spectacular views and even saw a moose!




I regret not buying this at the park gift shop…


As we continued our journey clockwise around the Cabot Trail, we discovered waterfalls and beautiful scenery.


Our trip took us to our next Air Bnb in Ingonish Beach. We had a wonderful host who was a professional chef and made us the most delicious breakfast of our lives! The beach at the Air BnB was full of sea glass.


The next day we set out to finish the Cabot Trail. We stopped for more hiking at the Smokey Trail and saw some whales in the distance. I chickened out halfway through one of our hikes thanks to all of the danger/warning signs! We also stopped at the most delicious restaurant, Clucking Hen Cafe & Bakery. The blueberry pie…omg!


Our 3rd night in Cape Breton was supposed to be at another Air Bnb that was described as a cute farmhouse. The reviews of the property and host were great. We…were not impressed. Picture driving to the middle of no where, down a dirt road, and being greeted by this horror show. Thankfully no one came out to greet us and so we peaced out without ever checking in. We made a quick decision to cut our losses on this reservation and head back to the city of Halifax- where our chances of being murdered were less. If you are interested in nightmares, I can give you the deets for this place!



The look of fear as we pulled up…



Let’s GTFO


I was more than happy to return to Halifax. There is so much to explore there! From the amazing food/brewery scene, to their commitment to eco friendly causes, to their rich history and architecture…I was smitten. Here are some of the highlights of the end of our trip in Halifax.



And I would be remiss if I did not mention two of my favorite things about Canada… Tim Horton’s and a healthy sense of humor about their neighbor to the south’s president!

We love love loved Nova Scotia! It was more beautiful than we could have dreamed and the people were the kindest I have ever encountered. I would go back in a heartbeat because there is still so much more to explore. Thanks for the memories, Canada! Can’t wait to see you again.


10 Year Anniversary

.Dear Chris,

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since we got married? Also, can you believe that we were practically babies when we got married?!


In some ways it feels like more than 10 years- we’ve certainly packed a lot into that decade! Between job changes, countless moves, Gator games, trips, concerts, pets, loss of loved ones, births of children, and more bottles of wine than I care to mention…it’s been an adventure to say the least.

1 - Copy
Honeymoon in St. Lucia


2 - Copy

3 - Copy
Horseback riding in St. Lucia

 Thanks for going along with every “Hey, you know what sounds fun?” idea I come up with. Thanks for thinking something sounds insane, but still going for it.  Thank you for making every moment of these last 10 years count. Thank you for always finding ways to make our life together meaningful and memorable. In short, thank you for a life that’s never boring.

4 - Copy
San Antonio,TX


5 - Copy
“Still wearing jerseys even though they middle-aged.”


6 - Copy
Boston, MA


7 - Copy
Just a couple of bad asses…”Every thug needs a lady.”


8 - Copy
World Series: Bucket List Accomplishment!


9 - Copy
1 of thousands of sunsets selfied together…


10 - Copy
Tampa, FL (Gasparilla)

 Thank you for being the world’s best teammate. Whether it’s splitting another bottle of wine or helping me untangle yet another necklace or earbud situation, I can always count on you. Thank you for never making me choose between the fried chicken sandwich or fish tacos because you always get one or the other and go halvesies. And thanks for always being up for a song, dance, game, or anything we can “win” at.

11 - Copy
Countless drunken karaoke nights…”Don’t Stop Believin'”



At one of many concerts together…Jimmy Buffett

Thank you for never wanting “another shot-gun rider beside you, singing to the radio.” Thanks for knowing that “when the kids are old enough, we’re gonna teach them to fly.” And, thanks for getting all those references…because “I love you more than songs can say.”


Gatlinburg, TN

12 - Copy

Red Rock Canyon, NV





Key West, FL


San Francisco, CA

 Thanks for being the best person to raise kiddos with. You make this journey of parenthood so special. You treasure moments with our boys and work diligently to ensure their future will be amazing. You also do a pretty fantastic job of showing them how to treat their future wives.

Baby Brady in the belly!



Baby ’bout to come out!


We made ourselves a friend!



Philadelphia, PA


Lititz, PA


New York, NY


Pittsburgh, PA


Niagara Falls (AKA coldest moment of my life)


Virginia Beach, VA


Boone, NC



Grandfather Mountain, NC


Thank you God for letting me marry a Gator!



Outer Banks, NC

If this is what 10 years together looks like, I can’t wait to see what we’ve accomplished at 25, 50 or 70 years married. I’ll continue to give you a hard time about all the gray hairs you’ve earned, and you will go on making fun of my inability to make a pot of coffee. We’ll live life laughing at stupid jokes no one else gets and making decisions other people think are crazy or irresponsible. I’ll always be in awe of your ability to charm everyone you meet and you will continue to make me feel like the most loveable girl in the world. Thank you for this life, Chris. It is so much more than I could have ever hoped for or dreamed of.


“A thousand miles seems pretty far, but they’ve got planes and trains and cars. I’d walk to you if I had no other way. Our friends would all make fun of us, and we’d just laugh along because we’d know that none of them have felt this way…I can promise you that by the time that we get through, the world will never ever be the same.”

Happy 10 Year Anniversary- Cheers to us!