Who Doesn’t Love Peanut Butter?!

I noticed the other day that our jar of peanut butter has an expiration date on it. I joked to Chris about how unnecessary that seemed…who has a jar of peanut butter in their pantry long enough that it could expire? Doesn’t everyone finish off a jar every couple of weeks? Apparently not. So this Meatless Monday/ Kids Cook Monday meal is dedicated to our love of peanut butter.

Nolan has yet to try peanut butter- I’m waiting until he turns one to give that super allergen a try; however, Chris, Brady and I love it! It’s such a comfort food. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, dessert, and in this case, dinner. One of my favorite things to make when nothing else sounds good is a Grilled Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich. You can use creamy or crunchy PB, but I prefer creamy.

This is a fun meal to get your little one involved in the “cooking.” Even little guys as young as Brady (2 and a half) can use a plastic knife to slice up the bananas. They can also help out with the PB or butter spreading on the bread. If you’re really feeling naughty, throw in some chocolate chips or strawberry slices in between the bread- can you imagine how delish that would be?! Then, mommy or daddy flip the sandwiches on the griddle and “little helpers” can use the shaker to sprinkle on the cinnamon and sugar when the sandwiches are done.

While this meal sounds kinda dessert-ish, here’s the good news- you can use whole wheat bread, reduced fat PB, and any fruit you like! How bad can that be? (Said in my best Ina Garten voice.)20140121_195617 (2)

20140121_195552 (2)

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