Brady in the Kitchen!

Ever have those days where you are scrambling to find something, ANYTHING, to feed your family?! Usually I’m a big weekly meal planner, but I haven’t gotten the hang of lunch planning. Today was one of those days where I did some creative “winging it.” Let’s just say, I’m thankful for grocery store BOGO’s…without which today’s lunch would not have been possible. Seriously, always stock up on these items; bagels, shredded cheese, and spaghetti sauce. Thanks to these ingredients, bagel pizzas were born!

This is not only an easy meal to prepare, but an easy one to get a toddler involved in. Brady was such a cute little “helper” today. He loved sprinkling his bagel with cheese…and eating cheese. He carefully put on his toppings…and then picked the toppings off and ate them. It was adorable and just kinda fun having him the in kitchen with me. Let’s just say, make sure your little one washes their hands before getting involved in the food prep because they’re going to end up touching EVERYTHING!




The great thing about this meal is that you can top it with whatever you have on hand- White sauce, red sauce, mushrooms, green peppers…or in our case, basil, onions, and black olives. It’s as healthy as pizza can get; a whole wheat bagel and veggies! We made a little side salad to go with our pizzas (Brady loves salad) and we were good to go. Not only was it cheaper than ordering a pizza, but I also got to cook with the cutest sous chef around!

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