The Smiths


Hi, I’m Karen! (Promise I’m much more pleasant than the stereotype of my name would suggest!) I’m a wife, mom, and teacher of little people. I’m a die-hard University of Florida Gator, lover of all things pretty and cozy, self-proclaimed “foodie” (Ina Garten is my queen), and can often be found with some good chick lit and a glass of wine . I left my home state of Florida for Pennsylvania, then North Carolina, and back to Florida, to help my husband pursue his career and explore new areas of the country.  We are now embarking on a new chapter of our lives by making the drastic change of trading in our flip flops for snow boots and moving to Maine! We are looking forward to new things to try and adventures to be had. This blog serves many purposes for me- It’s a virtual scrap-book for us Smiths, my forum for sharing experiences with my boys, a creative outlet where I can share home projects, as well as my way to keep in touch with friends and family that are far away.

These are the most important people in my life. My college sweetheart, Chris. My sweet and soulful firstborn, Brady. My funny and energetic second kiddo, Nolan. And obviously, my “sheds too much, but best rescue dog ever,” Sailor.


I like to document what we eat, where we travel, and the overall chaos that is our life!

Check out some of my older posts from my previous blog-

2 thoughts on “The Smiths

  1. I so love your blog Karen…keep writing away! One day between my chaotic adventures I will start my own. Stay warm-Florida misses the Smiths!

    • Thanks so much!!! It’s challenging finding the time to blog, but I really love looking back on all the memories we’ve made! Enjoy all that warm sunshine 😉

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