Nolan is 10!

Sweet Bubba hit double digits. It seems like he was just a wittle toddler screaming at us for more “foffles” and spending endless hours playing with his train tracks. Our baby boy declared this birthday his best ever. He had a surprise visit from Grandma who showed up at his favorite restaurant for dinner on his birthday, opened loads of Pokemon cards, and ate strawberry cake of course. We gave him new (big kid!) golf clubs and he celebrated over the weekend with his two closest friends at a Sea Dogs baseball game.

Nolan’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. He gets so much enjoyment from playing games, “dominating” in sports, and bragging about his math skills. He is always moving and can be heard stampeding down our stairs from a mile away. There is not a quiet bone in this rambunctious boy’s body. He is a lover of the Beatles, Mario Kart, sprinkles, stuffies, and Taco Bell. He is a feeler of all the feels and wears his big heart on his sleeve at all times.

We are so grateful for ten years of trying to keep up with our little man (although, he is consistently not so little, the tallest in his class in fact- as he repeatedly reminds us.) Happy birthday, Nolie! You are so loved.

Nolan’s Turning Ten Interview!

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