I realized recently that while I did write a blog post about our home, I failed to ever write a follow-up post with pictures of the upstairs. I love these kinds of posts for 3 reasons. 1- if any of you are anything like me, then you agree that it’s fun to snoop around and see what other people’s houses look like. 2- not all of my friends and family are able to get up to visit us, so this helps them feel like they’ve gotten to see how we live and peek into our boys’ world. 3- it’s a virtual keepsake so I can always look back and show our boys what their house looked like when they were little.

With that being said, here’s the rest of our home. And, apologies to Chris who may have mentioned that I overshare 🙂

Starting with our bedroom- kind of a kid free zone. Not kid free, as in they aren’t allowed in there, just kid free in that we only have pictures of Chris and me in there.


Like how I cleverly cropped out our treadmill?

In addition to pictures of the 2 of us, we have song lyrics (“You & Me”-DMB) and quotes that are meaningful to us.

11 12

The master bathroom- super big deal because our Lititz house did not have a bath tub in the Master bedroom and it always bummed me out. Please excuse the cheesy mirror selfie. There’s no good excuse for that.

14 15

The “bump out” area of our Master. I use it as my little office corner. It’s my happy spot…and where I’m sitting right now.


Ok, so I guess if you count the laptop photo, there’s technically pictures of the kids in our Master bedroom.


9 8

On to the boys’ bedrooms…


Brady’s room…With Nolan playing on the floor. Typical.


Brady’s little transportation themed art gallery- all work he brought home from pre-school.

I love all the things in his room that have special meaning- the blanket that my step-mom made him, the Mickey that my mom sent him before one of our trips to Disney, the train picture that we got from the Lancaster Train Museum.

19 1

The rocking chairs that my Grandma Dot got each of the boys. I love that we have little memories of her all around the house but especially in each of the boys’ rooms.

4 3

And here’s Nolan’s room. It was impossible to get pictures of this room without playing going on. So, it’s a pretty real life snapshot.


Chris picked out so many of the special things in this room- The “34” lamp (Nolan Ryan’s baseball number!) and an autographed Nolan Ryan baseball on the dresser.


And the boys’ bathroom. Tidy for now. Let’s check back in ten years and see if it’s still picture worthy.


Then down the hall…


More of Brady’s artwork.

To….the laundry room! A random thing to post, but it’s my first time owning a house with a laundry room. That’s kind of a big deal, right? Plus, I should mention that the window in there gets a pretty sweet view of the sun setting over the golf course at night. It makes laundry just a tiny bit more appealing.


So now I think the only thing I haven’t posted is a picture of our guest room (Chris’s office). Come stay with us and you can see that too! It’s still not 100% how we want it, but it’s getting there. 5 months have passed since we moved in, and we’re still loving it/ finding projects to complete in it. I suppose the projects will never end, but seeing as I’m kind of a project loving girl, that’s alright with me.

Thanks for taking a peek into our world!



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