Veggie Hummus Wraps- Kids Cook Monday

Happy New Year! January is usually my least favorite month, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to look at it as a fresh start where everything is new and it can actually be somewhat motivating! As much as I hate to say good-bye to the holidays, family, and overall lack of routine, my inner planner and organizer really likes when the structure of day to day reality comes back. So, with that in mind, it’s time to get back to our Kids Cook Monday posts. This one is extra exciting because it was made in our new kitchen!


These guys were filled with light cream cheese, hummus, beans, and whatever veggie you have on hand that your kiddos love!

We decided to make some Veggie Hummus Wraps for lunch today. They were really, really, good. This idea came from the fact that we needed a meatless lunch that was going to be tasty but full of protein. These wraps delivered for both categories. Here are the ingredients that went into our wraps- really you can put anything in them that you have on hand that sounds good to you.

Whole Wheat Tortillas
Light Cream Cheese
Hummus (any flavor)
Shredded Lettuce
Black Olives
Black Beans
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Diced Red Pepper
Diced Cucumber


For today’s lunch we did lots of chopping and assembling. Brady loves to help with cutting up vegetables (he feels so big!) and today he was an expert cheese grater as well.

7 9


Giving a 3 year old an entire block of cheese to grate…that was just too much power. He couldn’t resist.

11 8

For the assembly, we took one Whole Wheat Tortilla and spread cream cheese on half of it, and hummus on the other half. We sprinkled our beans, then veggies and cheese on next.

12 13

Then we began to tightly roll the tortilla by starting with the cream cheese side and rolling towards the hummus (this way each bite has both hummus and cream cheese in it!)

14 15

Then I carefully sliced our wraps into little pinwheels to make them easier to eat. I mean, they were messy either way, but this seemed to work best for my boys.



These were a hit!

3 4

I went ahead and took the time to figure up how much protein/fiber were in one of these wraps including the tortilla, hummus, cream cheese, and beans. 8 grams of protein! 6.5 grams of fiber! That’s not counting the shredded cheddar or veggies either. I also love that this is so versatile- I’m picturing adding avocado, tomatoes or spinach leaves next time. I’m all for eating healthy, but much like my kiddos, I’m not down for it if it doesn’t taste good. But, in the wise, ever so eloquently put, words of Brady, “This is good.”


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