Baby Boy Haircut= Bye-Bye Baby

What is it about getting a baby boy’s haircut that instantly turns them into big boys? It’s. So. Sad.

So, Nolan has had one haircut in his life. It was not a fun experience for any of us. He cried the whole time and I was a nervous wreck thinking that they were taking too much off and transforming my baby into a toddler. 4 months later and his hair was, well, according to others, in need of another trim….


After much nagging on the part of his father, I had to admit that Nolan could stand to have his hair cleaned up a bit.

wpid-20140816_183442.jpg wpid-20140816_183445.jpg

Even though, it felt like we were taking away his mojo, we went for it…

wpid-20140817_142157.jpg wpid-20140817_142204.jpg wpid-20140817_142816.jpg

Where’d my BABY go?!?! Yes, he’s still adorable, snuggly, and sucking his thumb, but there’s just something about those haircuts that’s such a game changer. Sigh!

It should be noted that the hair cut was going fine until they brought out the evil squirt bottle and all heck broke loose! Poor Bubba screamed “All Done!” throughout the entire haircut. Meanwhile, big brother Brady sat like an angel for his!

wpid-20140817_123538.jpg  wpid-20140817_123904.jpg


wpid-20140817_142038.jpg wpid-20140817_143103.jpg

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