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My family and I are self-proclaimed foodies. We love going out to eat and trying new foods, watching cooking shows, trying new recipes, growing our own vegetables, and most importantly, EATING!

We’ve committed to eating “meatless” every Monday.  I have posted many family friendly, meatless recipes as part of the Kids Cook Monday and Meatless Monday campaigns. My goal is to get my kiddos involved in the kitchen and expose them to new, yummy, meatless meals. It’s important to my hubby and I that our kids are always adventurous when it comes to trying new foods and that we sit down to enjoy dinner as a family as much as possible.

Hopefully you’ll find some new recipes that you’d love to share with your family or ways to involve your kiddos in the kitchen…and please don’t judge me too harshly as I am in no way shape or form a chef! I’m definitely an amateur cook and my kids are often off the chain at dinner time…but, mealtime (like the rest of our life) is always an adventure!

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